10+ Web Design Facts That Will Astound You in 2022

10+ Web Design Facts That Will Astound You in 2022

Today, a company cannot run without a website. We’ve gathered a number of valuable HR statistics to assist you avoid costly pitfalls on the way to developing the most qualified, diversified, and engaged staff you can.

Customers evaluate a company’s credibility based on its website, so it is important for businesses to understand their target market well enough to design websites that appeal to them.

An effective website layout can increase traffic and persuade visitors to buy your goods or services. Using web design software will equip you with the means to build a visually appealing website.

Website first impression

Fact 1: The speed of your website should be one of your first priorities – The Real Deal Digital

Fact 2: More than 30% of the visitors stop interacting with your website if it is not visually appealing.

Fact 3: More than 45% of the people we’ve asked stated that the design of the website is their key factor for company credibility.

Fact 4: Around 50% of the people we’ve asked stated that if the website takes more than 2 seconds to load, they will most likely leave it.

Mobile web design

Fact 5: The mobile era is thriving, more than 70% of the people wants a responsive website.

Fact 6: More than 65% of the traffic a website generates is through mobile devices.

Fact 7: Around 50% of the e-commerce revenue comes through mobile devices.

E-commerce website

Fact 8: If you e-commerce website offers free shipping you have 30% more chance to close a sale.

Fact 9: 60% of the people asked stated that, if the content on a product page is well structured they will buy the product.

Fact 10: You should always have your website well optimized and well designed.

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