Spotless Cleaners

Spotless Pro Cleaners is a cleaning company based in London. We've built complete solution for their business. Custom web design, online booking form with live availability.

Tools we used

  • Sketch
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • PHP

Understanding the business & workflow

Spotless Professional Cleaners can clean your house, office, flat, thanks to our amazing professionals, who know how to use almost any available cleaning products and equipment. Most of our professionals have many years of experience and additional trainings through the years, which allow them to quickly notice the things that need to be done for your house so it can look spotless.

We’ve started with a quick online meeting with the managing department. We understood the needs of their business and provided the best solution for their company. We’ve provided a complete marketing strategy so we can enhance their online presence.

Spotless cleaners service

The Website was built using WordPress with custom integrations.

As soon as we were all at the same page concerning the objectives and goals for the business, We’ve started working on user interactions so they ensure the success of their company.

Thanks for checking us out

What's next


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