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Top 5 tools for Web Developers

Web design tools

There are numerous amazing tools which web developers and web design & development agencies are using on a daily basis. In this article we will list the one which Abstarc developers are using every single day. 

the perfect code editor

Visual Studio Code

We’ve tried many different code editors and IDE’s but so far we cannot find one which can beat the productivity of the VSC. Developed by Microsoft and available for Windows, Linux and macOS, making it extremely versatile for developers working on different platforms. From scratch you receive code debugging, embedded Git control, auto code completion and code refactoring. 

For the geeks interested in facts there was a survey listed on Stack Overflow in 2022 and Visual Studio Code was ranked as the most used code editor.

something important

Chrome DevTools

Every designer values the importance of the tools which are integrated directly into Chrome. Some will argue that FireFox Developer Tools are better, we will respectfully disagree. It does not matter if you are just starting with web development or you are a big agency, the importance of using DevTools is huge. If you are not familiar with the DevTools, click the magic combination while reading this article ( Ctrl + Shift + I ). While you explore we will list some of the functionality you will find.

  1. Elements panel – View and change the DOM and CSS.
  2. Console panel – View error, warning messages. Why not run JavaScript from the console?
  3. Source panel – You can debug JavaScript directly, run different snippets, inspect code.
  4. Network panel – Check and debug the network activity.
  5. Performance panel – If you are looking on how to improve your website speed, this is a good place to start from.
  6. Application panel – Check all the resources which are loaded ( sessions, cookies, cache, images, fonts, stylesheets ).
  7. Security panel – Debug mixed content, certificates issues etc.
start from Scratch

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Ever wondered how those beautiful designs are created ? Keep in mind that in most of the cases everything starts from a blank canvas. We use it not only for making web sketches but to create different icons, different shapes, different patterns and more.

Adobe is an amazing company which provides fantastic tools for designers. Most of them are available for Windows and macOS

your projects in one place


Ever wondered how big companies synchronize their huge projects, how they analyze and track the work of the different developers? GitHub is a company which uses the power of version control using Git. 

If offers different plans for enterprise companies, teams, pro accounts and free once, which in most of the cases are used for open source projects. Due to the huge impact the company placed on all of us, in 2018 Microsoft acquired GitHub for $7.5 billion scaling the users base of the company to 37 million and around 60 million repositories. 

responsive websites made easy


There are many different front-end frameworks which you can use but in our projects we find Bootstrap the best option to integrate and scale with. With Bootstrap you can create responsive, mobile-ready applications and websites. Keep in mind that the framework is open source ( remember where you can find open source projects? ) exactly you got it right GitHub and Bootstrap are the 3rd most starred projects in there.


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